Photographers’ Seminar


“Dear Gordon, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to you for the excellent quality of judging and thoughtful discussions that you provided to our memberships last Friday. With over 120 entries, you were all very patient and judged each image as fairly as the next.  It was an honor to have you on our annual print competition panel this year.  Your passion for what you do as both a photographer and a judge was evident throughout. Thanks for helping us all on our journey to become the best photographers that we can be … Warm regards, Julie … and the MDPPA (Maryland Professional Photographers Association) Board membership” 02/25/2015

This seminar includes:

  • Location lighting in varied conditions; how to make your environmental light work for you instead of against you.
  • Going on location with a bag of tricks to make whatever lighting situation work to create a beautiful image that will sell and serve your client as an iconic expression of relationship.
  • The importance of off camera flash systems to create depth and drama in portraits.
  • How did we get here? Did we just drop in to this time zone with digital in hand, or has there been an evolution of culture, thought and technology that has brought us to this time and place. How has the evolution of art informed us about composition, dynamic range, subject matter and posing in our photography skill sets? And what in the world is zone theory and does it really apply to our captures?
  • What motivates us to be photographers? How can we get out of the way of the lens and better serve our clients? Allowing our gifts to develop in service to others.
  • What makes a great printable image? Where do we start and how do we get there? Printing for competition and for clients is not so different. Discussed will be how to assess dynamic range before pushing the shutter – knowing what is possible in both print and electronic delivery. Basic color profiling will be reviewed as well as the judicious use of filters in Photoshop- in particular, Nik filters.
  • Depending upon class size, participants can bring a raw file of a possible competition image and we will work it from the ground up to final print.
  • Moving up to medium format- discussion of various camera formats- the Nikon D700, D800 (files will be shown ) and its comparison to medium format imaging, both the Hasselblad HDIII 31 and HD4 40. I have used these camera systems in location portraiture and will discuss the pros and cons of each.

To arrange for Gordon to speak to your state photographers organization, school, or other professional setting, call Cathy at 252-207-3868 or send an email to:

“Gordon, Thank you for the presentation on Sunday at Jen’s studio. It opened my eyes to a lot of things, mainly that I need to stop depending on getting a shot by luck in ambient light, and learn, learn, learn. One of my clients called yesterday asking for my help with images for her blog and website. I was able to use several of the things you taught me on Sunday. I’m leaving Friday for Pine Knoll Shores, NC – let’s see what else I can use! Again, thank you for taking your time to teach us. – Cindy”