Meditation Video – June 2015 Outer Banks sunrises

July 12, 2015

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Photographer Gordon Kreplin


Walk Into The Light

“The music to this slide show was composed several years ago, an ‘Our Father’ for voice and guitar, which I also arranged for solo guitar. This was one movement from a suite I composed based upon several Shaker hymns, including the well known “Simple Gifts.” Somehow the muses have shifted me from music to photography and now back to music and photography. The sacrament of beauty, through the arts, is a part of the sacred body that brings us together in communal understanding and love.” Gordon

This video contains meditative images of sunrise and early morning over the mid-Atlantic. Captured at North Carolina’s Outer Banks during June of 2015 by Photographic Artist Gordon Kreplin. Music”The Lord’s Prayer” composed and performed by classical guitarist Gordon Kreplin. c Ascencion Recordings Inc. All rights reserved.  To purchase images, click the “SHOP” link above.

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