2013 Outer Banks Parade of Homes Image Gallery!

October 18, 2013

Art and Design

At last week’s Parade of Homes on the Outer Banks, 22 spectacular homes were showcased.  Photographer Gordon Kreplin was able to tour and photograph about 15 of the homes during the course of the four-day event.  Here is the gallery of images that resulted. For more information about his architectural and art photography services, please call our studio at 252-449-8997 or reach Gordon directly at 252-207-3868. Gordon made all of these interior portraits with his Hasselblad HD4 40 camera and Hasselblad 28mm lens.  Because he was working in and among the crowds of visitors touring the homes, there was no off-camera additive lighting used in any of these shots.  (And, the occasional poster or stack of brochures can be seen.)  The superior quality of the imaging shows off the drama and personality of each space, the details in the furnishings, the impact of the lines, the play of  sunlight, the intersection of form and function. Each room extends a palpable…

“Walk Into the Light” Professional Workshop

January 18, 2013

Education & Training

“Walk Into The Light” Workshop for Photography Professionals Presented by Gordon Kreplin, M.Photog. Sponsored by  – Location lighting in varied conditions; how to make your environmental light work for you instead of against you. – Going on location with a bag of tricks to make whatever lighting situation work to create a beautiful image that will sell and serve your client as an iconic expression of relationship. – The importance of off camera flash systems to create depth and drama in portraits. How did we get here? Did we just drop in to this time zone with digital in hand, or has there been an evolution of culture, thought and technology that has brought us to this time and place. How has the evolution of art informed us about composition, dynamic range, subject matter and posing in our photography skill sets? And what in the world is zone theory and does it really apply to our captures? What motivates us to…