Thank you Blue Ridge VA photographers!

October 30, 2013

Education & Training

Many thanks to the Virginia Professional Photographers (VPPA) Blue Ridge district for presenting my “Walk Into the Light” seminar on lighting for outdoor portraits.  The weather was beautiful and the Smith Mountain Lake gave us a wonderful backdrop for our portrait demonstration.  All images posted here were made with a Hasselblad 4D 40, one off-camera light, a Phototek umbrella with diffuser, and an Elinchrome Ranger Quadra Rx.  Important in this demonstration was the use of ambient light either as rim, main or fill with additive off camera light used either as fill or main lighting.  In addition, lighting ratios to give depth to our subjects were also achieved through careful use of a Sekonic meter, measuring incidental light with both ambient and ambient fill combined to establish ratios.  These images are un-retouched; only levels have been set. As well, the use of background compositional devices was demonstrated.  Our family, on the path to the lake,  is framed by the trees…

Education and Training

March 14, 2013

Education & Training

It seems like these days, anyone with a fancy camera is a photographer. People have a tough time understanding and appreciating the amount of hard work that goes into attaining the level of mastery that professional photographers have achieved. It’s not enough to simply be talented. It’s not enough simply to love taking pictures.  It’s not enough simply to own a camera. We like to think of it like this: photographers are the “doctors” of the images they create. The camera is their scalpel. A hobbyist can’t buy a scalpel on the internet and be considered a surgeon. It takes years to earn that title. Professional photographers should be considered in the same fashion. Photography is both a science and an art.  Lighting, posing, composition, editing – these are all things that take years of training to master, and those years of training merit respect.