Thank you Northern Virginia photographers!

October 30, 2013

Education & Training

The Virginia Professional Photographers (VPPA) Northern District presented a wonderful day of teaching and shooting demonstrations by Gordon Kreplin.  In his program, “Walk Into the Light”, Gordon talked about the use of ambient and fill light combined, in both outdoor and indoor sessions, to create lighting ratios. Our senior models were beautiful and full of sparkle.  Several images posted of them were done in very bright conditions.  Demonstrated was how to meter for hot spots, record ambient light readings and then combine with an additional light source.  As well, compositional elements were of importance to bring subjects out of the frame.  Note the long fence behind one senior that becomes a sort of reverse leading line. Finally, Robert and Joanie Ballard were kind enough to allow a whole pack of us into their beautiful gift store and gallery.  We used our Elinchrome Ranger with a Larson 17×17 soft box directed at the faces of our lovely couple.  We shot this…

2013 Outer Banks Parade of Homes Image Gallery!

October 18, 2013

Art and Design

At last week’s Parade of Homes on the Outer Banks, 22 spectacular homes were showcased.  Photographer Gordon Kreplin was able to tour and photograph about 15 of the homes during the course of the four-day event.  Here is the gallery of images that resulted. For more information about his architectural and art photography services, please call our studio at 252-449-8997 or reach Gordon directly at 252-207-3868. Gordon made all of these interior portraits with his Hasselblad HD4 40 camera and Hasselblad 28mm lens.  Because he was working in and among the crowds of visitors touring the homes, there was no off-camera additive lighting used in any of these shots.  (And, the occasional poster or stack of brochures can be seen.)  The superior quality of the imaging shows off the drama and personality of each space, the details in the furnishings, the impact of the lines, the play of  sunlight, the intersection of form and function. Each room extends a palpable…

Family Beach Portraits – Minus the Sand!

April 21, 2013

Family Beach Portraits

Everyone loves the beach, right? Actually, you would be surprised how many people want to have their portraits done in a less wet and sandy environment. Whether it’s because the little kids hate sand (we’ve seen it!), an elderly family member has trouble walking on the beach, or a family who lives on the Outer Banks wants a change of scenery in their portraits, we will gladly accommodate the wishes of or clients. We’ve done sessions at the Whalehead Club in Corolla, in downtown Manteo, even in our studio in Kill Devil Hills. Just because we specialize in family beach portraits doesn’t mean you can’t have the family portrait without the beach!